At Live Oak Wealth Management, we are committed to providing comprehensive planning, investment solutions, advocacy and guidance, customized for each client’s personal situation. Download the Live Oak Wealth Management’s Client Experience Matrix today.

Comprehensive Services Include:

Financial Planning

We are personally committed to helping each client plan and make good decisions through our financial planning process.  Our process takes into account all of your goals and objectives and encompasses risk analysis, cash flow, retirement, estate planning, taxes, education, and income strategies to help bring you clarity and guidance. It is through our planning process that we can help you prepare for life’s expected and unexpected circumstances.

Retirement Income Planning

At retirement, having a predictable, long-term income source is critical. We have created a 3-tiered portfolio solution through active investment management, founded in solid planning, that is designed to help generate predictable income while still allowing for some growth (Find out more about our Active Investment Management strategies). Our process starts with the development of a personalized Income for Life Model Analysis. Our objective is to provide you with the planning necessary to help generate income for life. 

We help you plan for and manage:
  1. Longevity – Living longer than ever imagined.
  2. Inflation – At an average 3% inflation rate, the value of an income today would be cut in half in 25 years. So a $100,000 income would only be worth about $50,000.
  3. Social Security – Uncertainties and changing laws require strategic management of your Social Security options and selections. One mistake can be extremely costly. 
  4. Health Care Costs – Most medical costs occur in the last stage of retirement, the last five year of life.
  5. Investment Management – The volatility of the market can cause people to become overly risky in bull markets and overly cautious in bear markets. Portfolio allocations  and active management of investments is crucial in order to capture the upside potential of the market and provide a hedge against inflation while still providing downside protection.
  6. Depletion of Assets – This is the risk of overly rapid withdrawals. After recent market downturns, some retirees were especially shocked at the damage to their portfolios. Those who took too much from their portfolios found it very difficult or impossible to recover.


Active Investment Management

We believe in active management of investments. We create three distinct portfolios for clients. A tactical, Opportunistic Portfolio that takes advantages of the equity market, a Specialized Investments Portfolio that includes non-correlated investments that provide a predictable return with stable value, and a Core Portfolio that includes a low cost selection of dividend and income investments designed to create a steady stream of income. Together these portfolios are customized to help each client reach their individual goals and objectives.  To learn more about how we manage our clients investments, click here to watch a short video.

Corporate 401(k) Plans

We serve the needs of corporations guiding them to set up and manage their own corporate retirement plan. Oftentimes a good plan can help a company attract and retain key talent while it helps employees save and prepare for their eventual retirement. From comprehensive administrative, management, and educational support to guidance around responsible investment decisions, we partner with you to help build a 401(k) that delivers value — for both your business and your employees. We are also committed to creating an educated workforce through our series of educational workshops that we can conduct for company’s onsite or offsite. 

Monitoring, Service and Communication

We continuously monitor the performance of each portfolio to help ensure expected results. We revisit the key planning assumptions throughout each year in order to identify opportunities to maintain the probability of achieving the plan goals. And, we communicate with each client along the way so they are always informed as to the status of their accounts and progress.  We also have a secure and sophisticated digital wealth management portal for each client to confidentially access account information and upload other personal documents like an estate plan, loan documents, etc. The portal allows clients to access a consolidated view of everything owned and owed 24/7. 

Your financial goals are more connected to the people and things that matter most. Your personal financial website provides the following:

  • An intuitive user interface and modern, easy-to-navigate design.
  • Enhanced functionality and features that deliver a personalized and engaging experience.
  • Visually prioritize your most important financial goals, create interactive “what-if” scenarios, and personalize with your own pictures using Goal Planning.

And much more…Click here to view your personal financial website. 

Download the Live Oak Wealth Management’s Client Experience Matrix today.